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Have you been searching for meaning and support?

Ignite Your Intuition and Be Guided by Powerful Benefactors


Be initiated into an ancient mystical lineage with Amy Leigh Mercree, a world-renowned Medical Intuitive with 23 years of experience, six-figure business owner, and bestselling author of 18 books.


Dear Soul,
It’s been my mission for 23 years to help open the door of intuition and healing for many thousands of people to heal and align with their heart’s desires.

When I was 18 years old, my late medicine teacher initiated me into an oral tradition that was passed down to her by her teacher and by teacher’s teacher for many generations before. 

It’s an oral tradition containing ancient grandmother spirits, who have become my benefactors and mentors from the other side. For thousands of years, women have worked with these seven grandmothers for healing, inspiration, and to understand their place in the universe.

It was one of the biggest gifts of my life to be initiated into this tradition. It has enhanced and shaped my life and my work as a medical intuitive for almost 30 years.

For a long time, I’ve only trained private apprentices in this oral tradition. A couple of months ago, on a walk deep in the forest, the spirit of my late medicine teacher visited me, as she often does, and she said it was time to offer a connection with the seven grandmothers to all of you. 

What if you busted through old limits and amplified your intuition?

I know what it feels like to be burnt out. I know you’re tired, and you’ve read books. You thought crystals would fix you. TikTok trends and IG videos promised to solve your problems.


The truth is that deep healing is not a surface-level hashtag.


But you’re ready to open up your intuition and step into meaning and joy. You just don’t know how yet. The seven grandmothers will teach you.

I know you can do this!



Spirit Writing with the Grandmothers of the Seven Directions
March 19th through April 9th
6-8 PM Eastern Time(replays sent the next day)

In this course, you will learn my proprietary Spirit writing process. I also call this automatic writing or channeled writing.

You will meet all seven of the grandmothers and get to meet with the spirit of my late medicine teacher.

You’ll also get a spirit writing MP3, that leads and guides you through the spirit writing process that you can use for the rest of your life and you’ll have lifetime access. You can use it to spirit write with the grandmothers that you meet and with other guides and goddesses.

Additionally, you’ll get my proprietary invocation process for the highest good taught to me by my late medicine teacher and much more. 

Plus, 2 bonus MP3s: my Activate Your Intuition Atomic Healing Audio and Activate Your Intuition Subliminal to open your psychic senses even more!

SO much support for your intuitive opening!
The Seven Grandmothers can’t wait to meet you.


After facing many health challenges that no traditional doctors could solve, I started on what I call my medicine path. 

It started my journey inside of myself and ultimately not only healed all of those ailments and life imbalances, but it also helped me find my true purpose – the joy of helping you find the root cause of your pain, a struggle so you can heal and feel joy and pleasure. 

It took some time! I had to go deep within and learn with medicine teachers and healers. I had to educate myself on the brain and its intricate workings. Starting at age 18, I apprenticed with my medicine teacher in the oral tradition in which she was trained by her teacher, Twila, who was trained by a Native American memory keeper. This oral tradition has been passed down from teacher to student for many generations, and I continue to pass along their teachings. Because of my teacher, and her teacher, and her teacher’s teacher, and so on, I can help you understand how to retrieve energy from the next world and bring it back to this one for greater wholeness.

I had always been an imaginative person, reading voraciously and glorying in understanding things. I had to turn that first on myself and then it evolved into my dharma – being a medical intuitive. 


Unlock Your Spiritual Potential

March 19th through April 9th
6-8 pm EST

Change your life by gaining access to benevolent spirit grandmother guides and feel a deeper connection with the universe.

It was one of the biggest gifts of my life to be initiated into this tradition. It has enhanced and shaped my life and my work as a medical intuitive for almost 30 years.


Spirit Writing with the Grandmothers of the Seven Directions


Feel the resonance within? Embrace the ancient lineage and join our spiritual circle. Your journey begins with a click


“My session with Amy was not only empowering but enlightening. Amy really “got me” in regards to what I was seeking from her. I really look forward to continuing to work with Amy and having her shed some more of her expertise and guidance on me. She’s genuinely happy and willing to help you in any way she can. Her goal truly is to help others in an effort to raise the universal vibration.”

– Madeline Diamonds – Relationship & Confidence Coach & Spiritual Teacher

“My session with Amy was extremely helpful, productive and enjoyable. Amy has an incredible gift, and I truly got so much information. I am now going through my four pages of notes and to dos, and it feels comforting to have an action plan straight from spirit! Amy guided me with confidence, knowledge, and kindness. Her connection to spirit is strong and accurate, and I can’t wait to work with Amy again!

– Ali Katz

Amy has given inspiring guidance that has enhanced my personal growth and helped me in the management of my life, business and family. She acknowledged my inner essence and her loving caring nature has helped me with daily decision making and brought me profound personal healing.”

– Michele – President, Home Management Company 


My first initial experiences with Amy began as a healer. Amy has an amazing ability to link up to SOURCE, with clear reception (no, “can you hear me now?”) and bring the spiritual INTO the REAL WORLD in such a healing, soothing understanding, believable way.”

– Aimee DeRoehn ~ Owner Road Home Power Yoga

Unlock Your Spiritual Potential

What’s Inside:

In this four-week course:

  • Learn my proprietary spirit writing process and how to access channeled wisdom any time you want.
  • Connect with each of the seven grandmothers, forging a bond that transcends time and space.
  • Be initiated into a powerful oral tradition that has been passed down for eons and supported many thousands of people through the twists and turns of life.
  • Be initiated into a powerful oral tradition that has been passed down for eons and supported many thousands of people through the twists and turns of life.

You get:

    • 4 live, two-hour classes
    • Question and answer chat area
    • Lifetime access to all the replays
    • Spirit Writing MP3 to use on your own anytime
    • PDF of my unique invocation process to use on your own
    • Access to our invitation-only Spirit Writing Facebook Group


  • BONUS GIFT: Activate Your Intuition Atomic Healing Audio MP3
  • BONUS GIFT: Activate Your Intuition Subliminal MP3 to open your intuitive senses even more!
Amy Leigh Mercree - Medical Intuitive

“I have been working with Amy Leigh Mercree for several years off and on for intuitive medical suggestions and shamanic healing classes.  I highly recommend Amy for intuitive healing using the guides and recommended quality supplements and advice.  She has been very helpful with guidance of my body, mind and soul health.” 

– Lillian

“I very much enjoyed my session with Amy!  She provided clear, precise input and guidance from my guides.  The information was also conveyed in a gentle yet direct way allowing sometimes difficult information to be shared respectfully. Thank you for all you do, Amy!”

– Anonymous client

I’m in awe of all the guidance and information I received regarding the root cause of certain aches and pains in my body. The call was jampacked with information and clear direction as to how to begin to support my body with organic and natural remedies. Thank you so much Amy for all your guidance!”


“It is difficult for me to describe how deeply the messages you shared affected me.  I am not exaggerating when I say that they changed my life profoundly.  . . . shifted me to a stable, solid place of light and love.  I’m very excited to see what the future holds and find myself to be much more hopeful than I was before.”

– Presentation Attendee

Learn Directly from Amy Leigh Mercree, As Seen In...

“My reading with Amy Leigh Mercree was amazing! She immediately cut to the quick on my issues on all levels. This was deep! I want to call her back for more!

– Lorisha Loren

“Amy is a bright shining star with a true gift for healing. She’s my go-to-guide for choosing love over fear, as she helped elevate my life to new loving awareness. Let Amy be your teacher, she lives and breathes her message of health, happiness, and freedom.”

– Shannon Kaiser bestselling author of Adventures for Your Soul and The Self Love Experiment

“Amy Leigh is gifted at getting her audience to incredible places of awareness.  It is a joy to listen to all the information she brings forth. I highly recommend experiencing Amy’s workshops.” 

-Lisa Jones,

Amy Leigh takes the wisdom of the ages and offers it to you in a new form for everyday practicality.  She has a warm and engaging Spirit and a message that is timeless!” 

 -Julianne Santini, Manager of Living Light

You Might Be Wondering...

When does it start, and when are the live calls? 

It starts on March 19th, 2024! The calls are on Tuesdays from 6 pm – 8 pm.

Do I have to attend all the classes live? 

No, and you will get lifetime access to all replays.

Are the resources and templates included in the program?

All the resources you need are included… and then some!