Meet Your Goddess Guides
with Amy Leigh Mercree
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This interactive group workshop features: 
4 weeks of LIVE workshop classes with Amy
Small intimate group for customized teaching. ONLY 8 SPOTS!
Learn how to meet and communicate with your Spirit Guides
Move forward with confidence that you will be able to look to your Goddess Guides for guidance
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“Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts, talent, and expertise with us. I feel very blessed. My mind feels like it’s expanding ten times over and my body feels the healing. The phrase ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem to convey my sentiment properly, but I hope you can feel the ‘infinite thank you’!”
— Nancy, Meet Your Guides Student
Hi, I'm Amy
I have been able to talk to spirit guides for most of my life. I began to fully align with that skill at age 17 when I began studying shamanism, reiki, and medicine ways with numerous teachers.

I am eternally grateful for these teachings and the support of my guides, the grandmothers, my teachers and the goddesses with whom I have worked for over twenty years. The goddesses of the light have been in my life for so long, guiding me, supporting and comforting even through my divorce!

I have lived an enchanting and joyful life due to the support and guidance of my spirit team.

I want that for you. I want you to experience the joy and enchantment of life. I want you to feel connected to nature and the benevolence of the universe and to have a source of support and comfort.

It is my calling to teach you how to communicate with your guides and ultimately to heal yourself. It is my joy to be witness to your experiences talking to and journeying with your guides to unravel the beauty of your life. It’s my honor to watch your life unfold in better and higher vibrational ways when you choose to open your mind and heart to the endless possibilities and pantheon of supportive non-physical beings all around you.

I love connecting people with the incredible wealth of divine feminine energy the goddesses bring. The feminine is rising again and ultimately, hopefully, bringing balance to our world.

Take that next step and meet them with me. 

“Amy Leigh is a gifted at getting her audience to incredible places of awareness. It is a joy to listen to all the information she brings forth. I highly recommend experiencing Amy’s [classes].”

-Lisa, Meet Your Guides Student
“It is difficult for me to describe how deeply the messages you shared affected me. I am not exaggerating when I say that they changed my life profoundly.  . . . shifted me to a stable, solid place of light and love.  I’m very excited to see what our future holds and find myself to be much more hopeful than I was before.”  
– Anonymous Meet Your Guides Student
“Amy Leigh takes the wisdom of the ages and offers it to you in a new form for every day practicality.  She has a warm and engaging Spirit and a message that is timeless!” 
 -Julianne, Meet Your Guides Student
About the Course

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Class Details
Next course starts on September 30th!
Courses are held Thursday evenings from 7-9pm.
All classes are held on uberconference and recordings are shared after each class. 

In this class, you will learn to connect with your power animal guide and allow this spirit to become your close companion and shamanic spirit buddy. You will learn all the techniques related and all about the shamanic process of bringing things back from other dimensions.

You will learn where to go in the ethers to find spirit guides an dhow to get there! Then, you will learn what to do with this knowledge. Find out how to meet your spirit guides and start building a relationship with them that lasts a lifetime.

Meet your first goddess guide! She will be a companion and a trusted advisor for the rest of your life. Receive advice, guidance, healing, and more from this being. Learn how to connect with the divine feminine and begin your journey with goddess helpers.

Dive deeply into chakra healing with this innovative experience. You will learn how to work with animal spirits to heal your chakras, optimize your life, and accomplish specific goals. Amy has been teaching this proprietary method for 20 years! It’s partially based on the ancient Vedic system of energy centers connected by rivers of light throughout your body and combined with the empowering chi of non-physical spirit helpers in the form of animals. Get ready to heal and be inspired!

Attendance for the first class is mandatory.
All classes will be hosted on a UberConference dial-in. Recordings will be shared after every class.
Required Materials
Journal, Pen, Eye Covering, Drinking Water
Attendance for the first class is mandatory.
All classes will be hosted on a UberConference dial-in. Recordings will be shared after every class.
The Meet Your Guides Method
I start all my students on this baseline class which walks you through the tools used for communicating with your spirit guides. This class and methods you learn within this first course allow you to dive deeper into the world of intuitive healing.

You start your journey with me in Meet Your Goddess Guides. This class is beginner and open to everyone. After this class you will have the ability to communicate with your guides.

This class allows you to:
  • Meet Your Power Animal
  • Journey into the Upper World to meet your unique guides
  • Learn my Automatic Writing Method to receive messages straight from your spirit guides
  • Meet and journey with several Goddesses and connect with the Divine Feminine
  • Meet and journey with Animal guardians for your chakras

This class is for all genders and non-binary people. Regardless of how you identify, I'm confident connecting with the goddesses will be an uplifting positive experience that you'll never forget.

Most of my students go on to take intermediate and advanced courses below. 
Advanced Curriculum
Once you’ve taken this beginner course, you’ll be notified of upcoming enrollment for Amy’s Intermediate and Advanced courses:
Journey more deeply into your life's purpose with the help of archangelic and star guides. Learn powerful shamanic techniques for manifestation. Journey to the moon and up-level your automatic writing skills. Explore the world of spirit guide communication more deeply in this intermediate level class.

Those who take MYGG this fall/winter will be eligible for Intermediate Shamanism beginning on February 10th 2022.
In this advanced shamanism class, you will learn the art and science of how to unearth and balance karma. You will learn to journey shamanically to uncover past lives to either release their density or integrate their strengths or both.

You'll also learn about the behind-the-scenes working of the time space continuum and the archetypes that humanity collectively possesses that influence our streams of incarnation. Prepare to heal, transform karma, and expand your awareness.

Next Course begins: March 10th 2022
In this advanced shamanism class, you will learn the in-depth healing process of Soul Retrieval. You will learn to journey shamanically to integrate lost soul fragments and what the difference is between Soul Retrieval and Soul Balancing.

You'll also learn how streams of consciousness and soul strands make up our reality. You can explore the mechanics of incarnation and the weave between physical and non-physical reality.

Next Course begins: April 7th 2022
Why Goddesses?
It has been my joy to help people talk to their goddess guides for over twenty years.

Learning from goddesses is transformational on myriad levels.

  • The insight and excitement that come from building a relationship with a particular goddess guide is priceless.
  • The power of the divine feminine in all of its flavors becomes available to you when you connect with different goddesses and their archetypes. You can embody the lover, the mother, the wise women, and even the maiden all at once and when needed or desired at will.

These energies can help you excel at work, deeply enjoy your sensuality, relate better to your children, live in joy and vibrancy, enhance your fertility, and find balance and peace in your life.

Goddess guides bring wisdom, insight, and healing. In some of our classes, particular goddesses treat you to a vibrational healing. It is life changing for so many students. Goddesses enrich our lives and root us more deeply into the divine feminine, regardless of with what gender we identify. 
About Amy
Amy Leigh Mercree is a medical intuitive with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in spirit guides with a focus on shamanism, chakras, and holistic wellness.

Amy is a bestselling author of fifteen books, media personality, holistic health expert, and medical intuitive. Mercree teaches internationally sharing Medicine Woman Bootcamp, Meet Your Guides,  Goddess Shamanism, and Mindfulness Meditation classes.

Mercree has been featured in Glamour Magazine, Women’s Health, Inc. Magazine, Shape, Poosh, The Huffington Post, Your Tango, Soul and Spirit Magazine, Mind Body Green, CBS, NBC, Hello Giggles, Reader’s Digest,, Forbes, First for Women, Country Living, FOX, Bustle, Well+Good, Refinery 29, Hello Glow, She Knows, Thrive Global, Spartan, Poosh, Parade Magazine, and many more.

Amy has been an internationally acclaimed medical intuitive for over twenty years. She’s helped thousands of people find the root causes of numerous mild and moderate medical conditions and uncover their bodies wisdom to heal permanently.

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